The Realeaux RX300.

Ooddles of battery life in a big yet weirdly nice package.

So I’ve had a Realeaux Rx200 since the first week they came out, its always in my daily rotation, the form factor and battery life are fantastic.

I typically vape claptons – single core kanthal, at around .18-.2 ohm and I usually like a nice warm 110-120w vape. So for me, battery life is pretty key.

And out comes the 300, a big black block. I picked it up from my favorite brick and mortar for a very reasonable price (about 60-70ish euro if I remember correctly) about a month ago. To be honest I had a very singular use in mind – I drive a lot, sometimes full days in the car – this was to be my car mod, it fits a cup holder and I don’t have to change batteries half way through the day.

On first impression – its big. But you get used to it surprisingly quickly. About a week after I got it, I was heading out and I had no other charged batteries so i threw it in my hoodie pocket and brought it with me. Now I find myself taking it everywhere.

The battery life I have 4x samsung 25R batteries in the mod. Each with 2500 mah. Now does this mean i have 10000mah?

To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure, from the insert config of the batteries it appears its two parallel sets of series batteries. In normal terms, say a dual series box, this does not equate to more battery life – its just more voltage. But we also have the parallel. So it can do more volts, for longer.

As I said, I’m not sure, things like this aren’t always widely announced with fanfare in the vaping world. What I can say is, vaping a griffin 25 at 85w – you get 4 days without a charge. You could even push 5. To me that’s insane and its definitely worth the buy.

Now issues – there’s only 2 issues that I can see and they’re minor.

1. The screen – it feels loose, it rattles, makes the mod feel a little cheap compared to the quality of the version 1 Rx200.

2. Gaps. I hate gaps. I shouldn’t but I do. My old reliable velocity that has never not sat flush on anything has a gap between itself and the mod. Anything that has a slightly longer protruding pin than is normal will have a gap.

The good points and why i would buy it again.
1. Its a Realeaux. It will always work – its a brand name for reliability if we ignore the weird 2/3 mod.
2. The battery life is insane. This alone makes it worth a buy.
3. Its heavy. I love heavy mods.
4. It does fit in pockets, not always super comfortably, but it fits.
5. The power. No i dont vape at 300W but at 120W, it feels like 120W should, no lag time and hard hitting.
6. The price. Its so cheap. Get this mod starting out and you’ll never need another mod, no matter what way you vape (if you’ve got the pockets to handle it).


Vaping – A beginners guide

Hey. PSST. Your there! wan buy some mufucking vaps?


With all the negative press vaping has been getting in the last few months I wouldn’t be surprised if that is how you expect vape retail to work. But the reality is a bit different.

I picked up my first cigarette at 16/17 and within a couple of months was up to 20 a day and i went on to smoke for about 8 odd years. By the end i was hitting maybe 60 a day some days. But my now wife asked me to quit so i did.

I tried going cold turkey, that lasted 5 minutes – I really really really really really love smoking. Love, not loved, i still love smoking, i just recognize that it will shorten my life span, plus i really really really really really really (thats +1 more) love vaping.

The reality of vaping is that studies show it is 95% healthier than tobacco cigarettes as the only ingredient in common with cigarettes is nicotine – which does not cause cancer. It’s just addictive. The only other ingredients in e-liquid are PG and VG which are not harmful to the human body. PG is basically an air purifier and VG is just vegetable extract in layman’s terms. Yes e cigarettes are harmful – just 95% less so than cigarettes which is the point. Ecigs/Vapes are less likely to kill you and they still scratch that itch.

So you want to make the switch? Great theres plenty of options out there. If you want to quit you dont need some big expensive pieve of kit.

Find your local store (a bit of google) and get yourself a 20 quid vape pen and a bottle of liquid. Ask the seller to show you how to use it.

For the first week or two your going to want to smoke – my advice, keep some smokes around.

If you know theyre there you wont get as jittery, go as long as you can without one and use the vape to bridge the gaps. Eventually there wont be anymore gaps.