The Norweigan Flights – Well Fuck Me.

Well. Shit. There’s no other way of putting it – it’s fucking cheaper to go to New York now then Spain.

Well, not quite, but nearly.

So I did a quick comparison, comparing flights with Aer Lingus (because they got bitchy on twitter) for the same dates in August (picking days where both have the cheapest flights of that week).

The Results.

Aer Lingus – €650pp
Norwegian Airlines – $147 (€140ish).

I mean seriously. Fuck Me.

Now Aer Lingus kicked up a fuss and they made some good points.

With NA you don’t get a meal, checked bags or preclearance. But not only that, you don’t fly to New York city. You fly to Stewart International, a 2 hour drive to the north.

But you know what? So what?

My thoughts on this.

The meal – according to NA website, you still get a meal on International long haul but you have to pre-order 72 hours before the flight, so no one will know if you have to pay extra just yet. Even if you do? No big deal. Take it out of the 500 quid savings, 1000 quid for anyone like me, travelling as a pair. Even then, its a 7.5 hour flight – buy a sandwich for a fiver in the airport, sorted.

No checked bags – i regularly travel for up to two weeks with just a carry on case. If your going over shopping? Just book a bag for the way back and buy a cheap suit case over there and jam pack your carry ons.

No preclearance? This i dont get, correct me if i’m wrong but its not exclusive to Aer Lingus. I can only assume the AL twitter guy figured the flights go via norway – which from what i can see, they dont, they fly direct.

Now. You do fly into an airport a couple of hours from the city. Your options.

1. Drive. Don’t. What are you going to do, rent a car and then pay to park it for your stay? You don’t drive in NYC.

2. A taxi – its going to cost you if you can get one willing to make the trip, maybe $100+

3. A limo, a limo will set you back $150, but hey, even with that its still cheaper than aer lingus.

4. Get the train. Theres a $10 shuttle from Stewart Int. to beacon train station. Ticket from there to grand central is about $20ish. Just get a flight that doesn’t arrive in the middle of the night – trains stop around 1am to my knowledge.