Tuxedo Choclair – Quick Juice Review.

Choclair of the Tuxedo Vapes E-Liquid line promises:

“Choclair is a heartwarming luxury chocolate eclair. A moist pastry filled with light cream and topped with delicious belgian chocolate layer. A perfect way to start or end your day with zero calories. A must have for sweet-tooth lovers.”

I’ll save you some time. It tastes like a stale donut with chocolate icing. Have you ever had white lightning chocolate donut? Worse than that.

Now this may be just me, my flavour palette could be different to yours. But yeah.

Best best, most chocolate-y vape I’ve ever had was Met4 Golden ticket. But because it was very much a hype juice here in Europe it’s become near impossible to get a couple of months on. 

So I’ve been on a hunt for some chocolate and thought that the Choclair might scratch the itch based on the description, but unfortunately, it hasn’t, it’s given me a different kind of itch in the back of my throat and its not the throat hit.

In Summary: Would I recommend?

Yes. I recommend you don’t buy this juice.


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