Geekvape Karma Kit: Quick Review

There are two elements to the Karma Mech Kit, The Karma RDTA/RDA and the Hybrid Mod. First up we’ll take a look at the mod.

The Mod is made of copper, 25mm in diameter and 84mm in height. It has internal battery insulation to protect against tears in your battery wrap (I still wouldn’t use torn batteries mind you). It is a hybrid mod, so protruding 510 pins and no sub ohm tanks please (most sub ohm tanks have an adjustable springy 510, with a hybrid this can cause a short if over tightened). It also has a brilliant button.

The battery is in direct contact with you atomizer here, so it is a very hard hitting mod. The mod itself feels weighty and durable. There is a little bit of sideways battery rattle but not enough to bug me. For the price, €50, it makes you wonder about all the €100-150+ Hybrid Mechs out there.

The button is recessed and has a slightly heavy throw, so it can be stood upright without fear of firing. The button uses magnetic resistance rather than a spring, which really shows. There’s no hot button issues and no messing about pressing the button “in the right spot”. Press anywhere, it fires.

The RDA/RDTA is well thought out, but does nothing for me.

The Atty is 25mm in diameter to sit flush on the mod, has a gold plated protruding 510 pin and comes in black with the kit. I immediately set it up as an RDA which was a little fiddly but less fiddly then getting the wicking right on a new RDTA – it’s not that it’s overly tricky, it’s just trickier than an RDA. I’m a dripping man. 


The device uses a velocity style deck, which unscrews from the base. When you swap to RDA mode, you end you with a really shallow juice well.

The juice I choose to test out this kit is the Dinner Lady Lemon Tart, I’ve been vaping a lot of this stuff over the last couple of months and so know what it should taste like. I put a simple 0.18Ω Nichrome80 build in it, a nice tried and true build.

First Impression – 

Wide open – I tried the Atty wide open, as I do for all my new Atty’s. All I got was some mildly citrus’y air. and a pretty cool (temp) vape. So cool I took the Atty of and checked the resistance again. So kept vaping like that for a while and then turned down the airflow. and kept turning it down till i got flavour.

Nearly Closed Off – The Atty gets pretty hot closed off, with the low pro mouthpiece its pretty uncomfortable to have in your mouth. Whats more, because your pull will be tighter, your going to be drinking your juice.

So what do I think?

Overall, I think the kit is worth a buy, its €50 and it’s a high quality piece of kit. I think the RDA is trash but other people may enjoy it. I’m going to try it out on some regulated devices and see what I think of it at some higher powers.

Realistically what I would recommend this kit for; is for someone who’s done their research, knows about battery safety, Ohms Law and a bit about hybrids and is looking to try out a Mech Mod, because it’s definitely worth the price on it’s own.

First time buying a Mech or need to brush up, read my article on battery safety and Ohms Law, link below:

Vaping Battery Safety




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