Books you have to read, if you read fiction.

Books & series you have to read if you read fiction, or even if you don’t read fiction – just read them

Just a list of books that every fiction lover should read, I’m not going to list the lord of the rings trilogy because if you haven’t read that – why are you even here?

1. The Wheel of Time – Robert Jordan

This is one of those series that leaves you empty when you finish – that feeling of “well now what”

A story of magic, war and saving the world the huge world created in the series rivals that of tolkien. 

2. The Mistborn Series – Brandon Sanderson

A world in the making – a story expanding from it’s original trilogy.

Sanderson creates characters that you’ll find yourself tied to in A world where magic is bred in and out of mankind by its dark ruler.

A magical story of the fight against evil and peoples own nature.

3. Old Mans War – John Scalzi

An intergalactic saga with political undertones. Similar to starship troopers (i found the st troopers book a bit dull) except much more exciting.

The story paints a war from a soldiers perspective of fighting a war on the whims of his shady government.

4. The Painted Man Series.

Another magical war book – the struggle between man and demon. The books are gristly in detail and again create an immersive world with a great story and brilliant character development.

Known as the Warded Man in other markets.

5. The Kingkiller Chronicle – Patrick Rothfuss.

A brilliant series told in story form – literally a series of books about a man telling the story of his life, an odd presentation of a story which leaves you as hungry for whats happening in the present as the past.

6. The Stormlight Archives – Brandon Sanderson

A story set in a magical world at war. A pointless dragged out war that has devolved into little more than a fox hunt. But not all is as simple as that, a story of class strife, hope and betrayal casts some brilliantly likable heroes and hateful villains.

7. The Sharpe Series – Bernard Cornwell.

Not fantasy and off kilter with the rest of the list, but if you like a good hero story, you can’t beat Richard Sharpe – no one can.

Set in the Napoleonic war era the books range from india to europe to south america and add a brilliant fictional element to factual events.

8. His Dark Materials – Philip Pullman.

A series you’ll find in the teen fiction section, the three books – the northern lights, the subtle knife and the amber spyglass by philip pullman are a great set of books for young fiction lovers. Well for any age, I’ll still re read them today.

The northern lights was made into a movie – the golden compass – don’t let it put you against the books, as with so many others, the books are better.


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