Trousers for Men? Please?


Yeah trousers for men.

Ok so I’m not slimline/super slim in any sense of the word. I’m a big guy – I work in an active environment that means i have thick legs from climbing and lifting all day, I also have access to typical builders foods – big sandwiches, fry ups etc. So while I’m fairly fit, I have a bit of a dad bod (except I’m not a dad).

This means skinny jeans/chinos/slacks don’t work for me, they get up to my knees and after that we’re going to require more lube than is proper in a men’s changing room.

This has become a problem as all my local stores have decided that men are either dainty or elephants – sizes between a 36″ and a 44″ waist are non existent in a “regular” leg.

This brings me onto my next point – pockets.

I don’t have a handbag. I’m not sure the buyers in clothes shops realize this – fellas don’t have handbags. So i need a pocket I can get into up past my wrist with as lose an opening as a Kardashian. Unfortunately this seems to be too much of an ask.

So here i sit in jeans that are slowly cutting off my circulation and if you find a pair of chinos in a 38″ waist with a 30-32″leg………

You’ll have to deliver it to me because I cant get my car keys out of my pocket.


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