My First Post


I’m a ridiculously opinionated person – always have been. I’m also a little arrogant and a show off. But I back it up with experience.

A few people seem to like my opinions and I’ve been asked in a few places to start a few different blogs.

A bit about me – My name is Colm, I’m a telecommunications engineer, I spent a long time in college (yes i said i’m an engineer, i don’t bring it up as much as people joke about) and I’ve traveled pretty extensively around the world for both leisure and business.

I’m a car nut – anything with an engine really but my big love is tinkering with and driving cars. I read anything i can get my hands on but my favorite genres are sci-fi and fantasy. I’m a history buff. I’m also very into vaping – i enjoy teaching and informing people on their correct use and helping others kick their smoking addiction – i’m cigarette free 2 years as of 2017 after smoking 20-40 a day for 10 years. I play far too many video games but how else does a scrub git gud?

So anyway i’m not a big post kind of guy – so yeah, if you want me to write about something let me know, ignore the language and if you take offense at something, I’m not trying to be offensive – I’m just incredibly blunt.


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