Cheap Holidays



Everyone loves holidays and everyone love’s cheap holidays even more. Whether you have 50 quid for spot in a farmers field or a few grand for a 7 star – If you can save a few quid then you will. If you don’t and just spend money for the sake of it  – well then your a moron.

My goal will be to give you an eye ball into where you can go for not a whole heap of money and have a good time. The prices will be relative so if i say its a cheap holiday in Orlando – it will be dearer relative to a caravan site in Offaly, Ireland.

Before i get started – don’t go to bulgaria. i’ll explain in later posts but book a holiday there with the same trepidation as you would an anal exam.

So to kick off. Some tips. Don’t use a travel agent. Anything they can do, you can do better. Look up reviews. Ignore reviews left by americans (they’re either, picky lazy or have too high expectations “ooh the air con took 2 minutes to kick in and there was 3 glasses in the room and 2 off us”). If its too good to be true, it is. Hotels and airlines are businesses – if a hotel room is too cheap, then the hotels in trouble or double check the T&C’s and make sure you get the room you book, if the flights too cheap, make sure there isn’t two 14 hour stop overs.

So what everyone’s here for, recommendations:

You want a week by a pool away from the noise with some nice restaurants?

Go to Olhao in Portugal (Algarve) and stay in the Real Marina.

  1. Fly to Faro – Use to get the best rate, Mid may goes for less then €200 for two people on Ryanair.
  2. Stay in the Real Marina. I’ve stayed here before and loved it, got it for €600 for two people for 1 week in May.
  3. There is a shuttle but rent a car – 1 week will be €150 – 200 depending on who you go with. Go with Europcar, theyre good. I usually take out the CDW insurance when i get there as then even if you’ve written off the car (and I’ve come close) they don’t even check it. But CDW is optional, you should just take pics when u get the car off any damage.

So there is a 5* holiday for two people coming in at for under €1000. This is a little pricey on a “cheap” holiday but don’t worry. I can be very cheap and I will be going forward.


I’ll update this post continuously to add new deals and rants.


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